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YG2221E Motor Oil Pressure Sensor
Product Details

YG2221E motor oil pressure sensor is used together with oil pressure meter and alarm lamp. It can sense change of oil pressure in main tube of engine, and transfer it into resistance variety, then output it to oil meter to indicate current oil pressure. When the oil pressure falls to presetted value, the alarm lamp will be cut-on. YG2221E utilizes palladium cermet printed circuit board, which features ultra-long life and high reliability.


Measuring Range: 01Mpa

Output: 10~145Ω (other value range is available on request)

Supply Power: 12/24VDC

Alarm Pressure: 0.08Mpa

Pressure Type: Absolute Pressure

Operation Temperature Range : -30+130

Sample line connection: 1/4NPT (other connection is available on request)

Electrical Connection: G-Pressure Meter, WK-Alarm

Option: Other measuring range and alarm pressure is availble on request

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