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TSC Temperature controller
Product Details

TSC series temperature controller is used to regulate the system temperature between two preset values.

The TSC is a popular choice for refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers,display cabinets, water dispensers,

water purifiers, cold storage, greenhouse etc of household and commercial equipments. The typical advantage

is high sensitivity,



Temperature-sensing media


Operating temperature range

-35℃--+35℃ (Can be customized)

Temperature accuarcy


Contact arrangement

SPST-NO,0.8*6.3 blade

Electrical Rating

125VAC 1-6A 250VAC 0.5-6A

Contact marterial

Ag -Ni alloy


Stainless Steel Plate

Capillary material


Mechanical endurance

100 thousand cycles

Working conditions

TS>TB,TS:Temperature controller ambient temperature

TB: capillary temperature

Temperature sensing time

Temperature change rate:less than 1℃/min

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