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LFM3 Series Differential Pressure Gauge
Product Details

LFM3 Series differential pressure gauge use imported high precision sensor and digitalization technology. They are easy installation, LCD display, clear and accurate reading, and can be applied to measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates and medical care equipment. This series have three optional discrete output versions (relay, NPN and PNP), can be flexibly applied to control the external equipments.


Non-polar Input:No need to differentiate the negative or positive input voltage sourcing lead

Excellent Material: housing made of FR-ABS, satisfactory impact resistance and heat resistance etc.

Span:0~±100Pa/0~±1,000Pa / 0~±10,000Pa Accuracy:±1.0%FS

Various switchable pressure units

Big LCD screen

Manual button of zero calibration

Manual button of default reset

Max. and min pressure value to review

Settable response time

Built-in buzzer with sound-light alarm, field programmable alarm pressure value.

Imported chip

The Max. and Min. pressure range of discrete output can be set(only LFM32 Series)





Pa, KPa, mBar, mmHG, inWC, mmWC,


≤ 0.75W


Air or neutral fluid

Operation Temperature


Storage Temperature

- 10~+70℃

Allowable Overload Pressure


Overload Capacity







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