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Product Details


LF56 series pressure switches are mainly used to control pressure of boiler or water tower regulating system. When the system pressure exceed the setting point,the switch will cut off the circuit for protection. With SPDT contact arrangement, LF56 switch can detect the pressure change and shift the internal status accordingly to control the on/off of external circuits, which is available for the pressure control, limit and alarm of non-hazardous liquid, gas and steam.

【Electrical spec】

(1) Electrical rating: 15A 125、250、480VAC;

(2) 120 Vac: 8.0 FLA, 48.0 LRA, 10.0 A resistive
240 Vac: 5.1 FLA, 30.6 LRA, 5.0 A resistive

(3) Contact arrangement:SPDT

(4) Contact resistance: smaller than 25mΩ

(5) Electrical endurance: 50000 cycles

【Mechanical spec】

(1) Working media:air, water and oil,liquid and other non-corrosive media,chlorine-containing liquids are not available

(2) Working pressure:15-100Kpa、 35-350Kpa、70-1035Kpa

(3) The housing has a clear plastic cover that allows you to view the pressure control point

(4) Mechanical endurance:100000 cycles

(5) Material:Outlet hole, Connection thread, Cover screw, Pressure adjusting screw, Differential adjusting screw

(6) The pressure diaphragm of the standard model is stainless steel,the pressure joint is made of brass,and the thread is 1/4-18NPT

(7) Allowable ambient temperature is -29℃~66℃

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